Nurse call systems for hospital BMS integration

Nurse Call Systems

New System is engineering partner and solution integrator for VisoCall IP nurse call systems.

Visocall IP Nurse
Call System

VISOCALL IP brings together care, information, service, organisation and billing in hospitals, using a common functional platform. IP-based network technology forms the economical, secure and extendible structure for all functions and services in the care sector.

Features / Functionality

Integrating several systems offers entirely new opportunities

A multitude of different systems and technologies, where the individual branches often even have proprietary interfaces, is accompanied by a multitude of possible sources of errors. Boiling it all down to a common platform increases security and minimizes costs.

Nurse call

Communication between patients and nurses or among staff members ensures rapid and reliable help in all situations.

VoIP telephony

Keeping in touch with the world from your patient bed


Music and information on many channels.

TV and multimedia

Entertainment and services at the highest level.

Internet and Intranet

Access to the latest information and entertainment.

Room control

Lighting, blinds and TV can be conveniently controlled from your bed.


Cost-effective software solution for billing fee-based services like telephony, TV and Internet.

Care data logging

Completely new options for logging of care data directly at the hospital bed.

Audio Manager

Allows targeted announcements to patients or staff members.

Standardised interfaces

For exchanging data and for communication connections between different systems – e.g. mobile devices and databases.

Patient services

With the integrated multimedia terminal patients can, for example, look up information about their disease and therapy options or they can pre-order their meals.

Mobile support for staff

Forwarding of alarms, calls, fault messages etc. to mobile devices like smart phones, tablets, DECT and WLAN telephones.

Why New System?

New System is a partner of the Austrian high-tech company Schrack-Seconet AG – market leader in fire alarm, security, communication and nurse call systems. Thanks to the successful co-operation with hospital operators, designers and developers of Schrack-Seconet can proudly refer to a range of products that are tailored to the needs of the market.

New System offers consulting, project design, product distribution, mounting and set-up of the equipment, as well as warranty service of the full portfolio of Schrack- Seconet’s nurse call systems.

Presentation of visocall IP nurse call systems
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