Поддръжка на системи за BMS i енергийна ефективност


New System assures technical maintenance for systems implemented by our company or by 3rd parties.

We stay by our customers

New System has maintenance contracts for technical support of BMS systems in more than 80 buildings: shopping centers, offices, pharmaceutical plants, hotels, supermarkets and hospitals.

New System maintains BMS, KNX and nurse call systems engineered by us as well as systems implemented by other companies.

Why regular maintenance is important?

  • ensures long-life of the system
  • decreases energy running costs of the building
  • New System provides professional maintenance team, thus optimizing your human resources and expenses
  • ensures your system software is up to date and your personnel is trained to operate with the system

We have a highly qualified, motivated and customer – oriented sales and after-sales team supporting our customers throughout the entire lifecycle of their buildings.

  • technical support
  • option to upgrade the existing system
  • BACS operator leasing 24/7
  • trainings of the personnel to operate with the system
  • re-engineering consulting
  • energy efficiency of existing systems
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