Building Management Systems (BMS)

Design review

New System is an experienced provider of Building Management Systems (BMS) solutions. The company has deep knowledge in industry requirements. Our involvement at the inception stage of the building design allows for a timely assessment and clear definition of the project’s specifics. This way the investor can take full advantage of our expertise. Defining buildings functionalities at the earliest stage allows coordination of BMS design with the other activities. It fosters a smoother implementation process, preventing any unplanned expenses and ensuring the desired functionality.

Building Management System Implementation

Our team of highly-qualified engineers has designed and implemented projects of all scales. We ensure smooth project management from design stage, through the equipment delivery, installation, start-up, commissioning and staff training.

BMS engineering for commercial buildings.
We deliver performant BMS to shopping malls, hotels, hospitals, pharmaceutical, industry, cinemas, sporting venues, hypermarkets, office buildings.
Building management of Pharmaceutical facilities
We do qualification of pharma projects according to GMP requirements.


The expected levels of comfort and energy efficiency in the building could not be reached without a detailed knowledge of the specifics of the BMS. We provide appropriate training to the staff operating the building management system.


Regular maintenance is an important aspect for the proper functioning of your BMS system. It ensures even larger savings in the long run. We accompany our customers throughout the entire lifecycle of their buildings, optimizing the system and ensuring constantly the comfort and savings level expected. We maintain BMS engineered and implemented by New System, as well as systems implemented by other companies. Technical support, re-engineering consulting and system reporting are part of our maintenance packages.

Why you need a BMS?

In an average office building, the design and construction cost represents barely 20% of the total cost of ownership over a period of 25 years. The main expenditure is the energy consumption – about 40% of the Total Energy Consumption (TCO). Up to 70% of the total energy consumption in a building is done by HVAC and lighting systems. A significant optimization of these systems could be ensured with the implementation of a BMS system. It leads to a higher energy efficiency, comfort and profitability of the building. BMS provides considerable energy savings, boosts comfort and ultimately increases profitability. The extended possibilities of monitoring, measuring and control of the connected systems, allow for strategic management of your building’s energy consumption.

Building Management Systems ROI

Generally, the cost for implementation of a BMS system is about 1% of the construction expenses. It allows for up to 35% energy savings and a very fast return on investment over a period of 1 to 3 years.

We have been around for 18+ years, always trying to exceed project requirements and redefine what we expect from building performance.